Tibetan Meditation Tip

1. Be kind to yourself - identify 10 kind things you have done recently for others, feel good about those things and relax.

OM MA NI PAD ME HUM - use this mantra to reinforce feeling good about yourself. This will also make you feel more positive towards others and in turn they will feel more positive towards you.

2. Drop your expectations and allow yourself to be surprised - Buddhism describes the very nature of expectations as irrational, unrealistic, and doomed to fail, as it inherently projects a picture of ability onto oneself or another that does not exist. If you place expectations on others, you take yourself out of your relationship with that person and become self-centered, which in turn prevents others opening up to you. Avoid disappointment and dissatisfaction by dropping expectations and focusing on fostering positive relationships.

3. Resist thinking about the things that you fear so you can become fearless - We are fearful of what may happen to us, which can be scary. If you can resist fear and bluff your own mind against preconceived trepidations, you will open yourself up to all opportunities.

4. Manifest positive goals and visualize the way you want your life to be through meditation.

5. Lose addiction through the conscious practice of forgetting the pleasure. Do not wallow in the weakness of a remembered taste. The addiction impulse rises when remembering the kick or high you get, so immediately shake it off and forget it, the taste will never be as good as the memory. The addiction will weaken, wither and disappear.

6. Do not let your mind linger over choices, just act positively. Do not get caught up in the trap of choices which can be an excuse for subconscious laziness; a bad decisions is better than indecision.

7. Memorize positive thoughts and consciously delete negative thoughts. Like going through your mail inbox, filter through your mind and when you see negative thoughts, delete them like junk mail.

8. If you are feeling jealous of someone’s success, instead genuinely try to be happy for them. If someone wins over you, try to celebrate for them as if its your own win.

9. Discipline your thoughts and train your mind to be able to memorize. Find a few lines you like and repeat them over and over again until you can remember them without looking. In the Buddhist tradition, the eight verses of mind training have been passed down from Buddha to help people train their mind. Here is a short version to try: when someone I have helped, expecting thanks in return, turns on me and unreasonably lets me down, I will thank them and learn to view that person as an excellent spiritual teacher.

10. Smile, whether you feel like it or not.

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