Nature wisdom: May is for butterflies

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Butterflies stand for progress and growth, transformation.

They start out as a caterpillar, growing their wings, pushing them against their inner cocoon wall. They have to strengthen their wings to get them ready to metamorphose into the beautiful butterfly it is becoming - in this very moment - as a caterpillar.

What can you learn for your life from this butterfly lesson?

What can you learn from your struggles - for your life? Does it make you stronger? Does life give you the exact lesson that you need to learn?

When you observe a butterfly - you can see that it flies with lightness and grace through the air. Fully present - it flies from flower to flower - enjoying the presents of life.

We can ask ourselves: How can we invite the wisdom of the butterfly a little bit more into our lives?

How would our lives feel with a little more lightness and grace?

Just this question activates and invites lightness and graceful movements into your life.

Try it out for yourself - by thinking of the lesson of the butterfly, whenever you need more lightness and grace in your life. Or remind yourself, that sometimes, the struggle you experience is exactly the lesson that you need to receive in this moment.

Let it support your difficult situations and accept the invitation to look at certain situations from a different perspective.

Struggle - process - butterfly!

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