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1-on-1 Meditation& Group Sessions

I offer private 1-on-1 and group meditations that are available online and in person. Each session is personalized to suit your needs. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned meditator, a private session is a great opportunity to cultivate mindfulness, experience tranquility, and deepen your practice. 

1-on-1 Guided Meditations

Book a private session in your own home and I'll meet you there for a personal meditation experience. If you don't live in Los Angeles or prefer the convenience of an online session, I also offer private meditations via Zoom. 


Choose from a variety of meditations including:

  • ​Nature-inspired dream journey

  • Bodyscan

  • Metta meditation

  • Sound/music meditation

I can also customize a meditation based on your needs. My meditations offer a place to re-connect with your breath, ease your tensions, restore your sense of well-being and experience nature. Using simple, yet powerful strategies my meditations bring greater awareness, well-being, joy and balance to your body and mind. 

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Have a celebration for your friends or a small business event? Maybe you're planning a baby shower, birthday or wellness retreat. Small group meditations can facilitate greater connection with yourself, friends, family and teammates. You can book me for a group meditation as a one-time event or ongoing workshop. I offer a variety of group meditations including the following: 

  • Corporate events that focus on team-building, stress management and relaxation

  • Dream journeys in beautiful nature settings with a circle of friends

  • Meditations to celebrate an event or milestone

You can choose from various types of meditations or I can create a unique experience for your group. Here is a collection of some favorite meditations:

  • Breath focus meditation

  • Love & kindness

  • Bodyscan

  • Dream journey to discover your spirit animal

  • Mountain meditation

  • Relaxing ocean meditation

  • Walking meditation

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“Gratitude plants the seed for abundance” - Braiding Sweetgrass